METALURE® for irresistibly brilliant chrome-like effects

An extra layer of success for your products


Wafer-thin effect pigments for a strong chrome appearance

In the automotive industry, chrome represents confidence and attention to detail. Stylish branded, consumer, or designer products with high-quality chrome effects are just as popular. With METALURE®, you can take your paint and print projects to the highest level.

Metallic look provides unique radiance

METALURE® pigments emphasize your product’s unique character and all its nuances – from light to dark and from bright to high-gloss.

We produce our METALURE® and SILVERSHINE P pigments in a special physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. This process lends the effect pigment dispersions their perfect non-leafing properties to ensure uniform, flat surfaces and high-gloss mirror effects.

METALURE® and SILVERSHINE P are specially designed for solvent-based systems and have outstanding interlayer adhesion. This makes them suitable for top coatings with clear lacquer and makes it possible to create surfaces that are smudge-proof and resistant to chemicals.

In the printing industry, METALURE® is used particularly in cases where foil stamping or metallized print media are too costly to use or require laborious offline processes.

All the products in the METALURE® range can be mixed with each other and combined with organic colour pigments – enabling a wide variety of high-gloss colors and colour effects to be created. As the darkest pigment in the PVD range, METALURE® Liquid Black creates an exciting and extremely durable jet-black metallic appearance.

New in our METALURE® portfolio:

METALURE® Ultra Black

Darkest chrome effect - flowing from powerful black into a brilliant chrome look


Colourful chrome-like effects for coatings and printing applications


Chrome effects with superior clarity of image


Low-migration VMP pastes for food packaging in UV/LED offset and flexo printing:

ECKART is offering several METALURE® brands, suitable for a wide range of requirements.

Detailed recommendations are available on the following categories.

METALURE® products can be used in solvent-based and waterborne, but also in UV / LED curing systems. Especially for water-based systems, we recommend our HYDROSHINE product series.

METALURE® 10 series




METALURE® Mirrorshine

METALURE® Prismatic



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Aluminum Pigments with Chrome-Like Effect

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