Versatile, sophisticated, functional - the application advantage of ECKART solutions:

Fine pigments, flakes, powders and fillers: great effectiveness guaranteed!

Good looks are not everything. ECKART pigments, flakes, powders and fillers for functional applications also provide corrosion protection as well as heat and light reflection, serve as a conductive coating, EMI shielding or core component for autoclaved aearated concrete.

Particularly in the coatings industry, our products can effectively be used for conventional materials or optimize products with independent and flexible solutions. Discover now the various possible applications of our products in architecture, industrial plants, transportation and more.

ECKART solutions for functional applications - combining reliability and utility.

Applications and Effects:

EMI Shielding

Building Materials

Conductive Coatings

Corrosion Protection


Additive Manufacturing

Thermally Conductive Fillers

Our experts will tell you why our products can develop impressive functional properties.

Aluminum flakes – the perfect blowing agent for autoclaved aerated concrete with different strength grades:

Building Materials

You can rely on our functional flakes for airated autoclaved concrete, plaster and dry mortar. In any formulation.

EMR Shielding

Functional ECKART solutions/particles make autonomous driving and Smart Cars even more reliable.

Corrosion Protection

Specially developed functional pigments as part of the anti-corrosion primer protect from damage to the component during its service life.

Atomized Powders and Alloys

Powder is the starting material within the manufacturing process of metal-based pigments.

Our high performers. Product lines with functional properties. Discover more in our product search!

  1. STAPA® 15 ZnMg26
  2. eConduct Aluminum 202000
  3. eConduct Aluminum 451500
  4. eConduct Copper 122000
  5. STANDART® Pyro 5413 H Super
  6. STANDART® Pyro UZ Aluminum Powder


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