Inspiring, effective, safe: print enhancement with ECKART effect pigments.

For extra attention: product solutions for the printing industry - from finishing to indirect food contact.

This is how your message gets across brilliantly: In the printing industry the effect pigments for printing inks from ECKART have been used successfully for years to enhance packaging, labels, magazines, catalogues and other print products.

No matter if bronzing effects, foil printing, paper coating, offset, gravure, flexographic or screen printing: ECKART has a brilliant and effective solution. Discover it!

Pigments for the printing industry - creative inspiration that makes an impression

Discover our novelties for the printing industry:

METALSTAR FPG 712 7000 nl
Our bestseller for offset printing, METALSTAR 06 7000 non-leafing silver,
now available as food packaging grade!


Dual-curing leafing silver inks on VMP basis


100 per cent mineral oil free, MOSH/MOAH compliant

De-inking of ECKART inks

INGEDE test results: ideal for de-inking


Compostable effect pigments & inks


Bright silver offset inks for food packaging

Non-leafing UV/LED Silberdollars

Polychromatic effects for food packaging

Compostable - deinkable - certified:

Find out here how sustainable printing with effect pigments and metallic inks is!


ECKART pigments score with brilliant benefits for food packaging

Effective optics, simple processing, high safety especially for food packaging -
ECKART is working at full speed on always new and effective solutions for your needs:

Applications and Effects:

Graphic Arts



Chrome & Mirror Effects

Product lines that make a lasting impression.

  1. ULTRASTAR UV FP-8220 Silver
  2. UNIPAK WB 2297 Flexo Premium Silver
  3. ROTOSTAR Aqua FPG 74011 Rich Gold
  4. ROTOSTAR UV FPG 77504 Silver
  5. STANDART® Super Ink Lining 9900 Pale Gold
  6. STAPA® Offset 3000 Super AF Rich Pale Gold


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