Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions for Aluminum pigments

All flammable powders or dusts which form explosive mixtures with air are potential hazard sources but may be transported, stored and processed safely if the appropriate requirements are taken into consideration and the relevant safety measures are met.

The minimum ignition energy of aluminium pigments depends significantly on the specific surface area of the pigment particles and on their degree of fineness. Especially fine aluminium pigments (average particle size <10µm) partially display a very low minimum ignition energy of less than 1mJ.

In order to enure safe handling of aluminium pigment powders, is is very important to follow the relevant safety measures from the initial production stage to the final processing step of the aluminium pigmented metallic powder coatings (we would ask you to have a look at the recommendations from ECKART and GDA).

Fire extinguishing with glass

EXTOVER® is an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent for class D lithium and metal fires. We have had very good experience with this product during our internal plant fire exercises and can recommend it for metal fires. EXTOVER® is made of recycled glass, reusable, easy to handle and does not cause any extinguishing agent damage.



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