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A20X™ aluminium castings open up new possibilities for flight-critical components and reduce complexity, machining and assembly. A20X™ castings are a viable aluminium solution for higher temperature environments and recognized by the Aluminium Association.


Additive Manufacturing

A20X™ powder was developed specifically for additive manufacturing methods. The advantages at a glance:

  • UTS up to 511MPa, YS up to 440MPa
  • elongation up to 13%
  • developed for aerospace
  • exceptional mechanical properties
  • increased temperature resistance
  • no micro-cracks with AM
  • spherical powder, particle size: 20-63 microns
  • compatible with all no micro-cracks with AM common powder bedding machines
  • no special process measures required

Casting production

A20X™ aluminium castings open up new possibilities for flight-critical components:

  • UTS up to 475MPa, YS up to 420MPa
  • 415MPa yield
  • elongation up to 3%
  • developed for aerospace
  • weight and cost savings
  • fatigue properties = 7050 series wrought aluminium, better than any other cast aluminium alloy
  • reduces complexity, machining and assembly
  • increased temperature resistance