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Patented ECKART Spacer technology

With its effect pigment EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue, ECKART introduces its new, patented spacer technology. The numerous advantages of EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue such as its anti-fading effect, the distinct light-dark flop as well as the strong blue are, among other things, due to this technology. Learn more about the Spacer technology:


EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue is very shear stable. It is suitable for high-quality coatings for interior and exterior use, for plastics as well as for printing inks. The pigment does not exhibit EMI shielding and shows high radar transparency.

Chroma and hiding power are much higher than comparable pigments. With a shelf life of ten years, EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue is very durable and can be used in all systems, coating technologies and printing processes.

OEM or outdoor applications place much higher demands on pigment resistance. Here we recommend the CFX variant: EDELSTEIN CFX Sapphire Blue. It brings with it high weathering and moisture resistance as well as strong intercoat adhesion - with a consistently attractive appearance.

EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue and its CFX version in detail