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LignoBase: the first lignin-based raw material series for cosmetic formulations

LignoBase is our new multifunctional ingredient for cosmetics based on lignin, a raw material extracted from trees and other plants.

The new products in powder form are antioxidant and boost UV protection filters.

LignoBase is available in three different shades and color temperatures and is particularly suitable for tinted creams and make-ups.

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The natural UV protection in particular makes the product highly interesting for sun creams. This is because lignin is the perfect alternative to conventional filters, which are suspected of being carcinogenic or influencing hormone balance.

Lignin-based products increase the sun protection factor of mineral and chemical sun filters across a broad UV spectrum. If the cream gets into the water while bathing, the lignin particles responsible for sun protection sink and do not affect the environment.

As a natural raw material, LignoBase scores with many other sustainable and regulatory benefits: It is COSMOS certified, vegan, non-animal, halal, kosher, microplastic free, non-nano and has REACH (EU/CHINA) Exempt Status, ISO:16128 Natural Origin Index - 1; CHINA/NMPA approval is in process.

LignoBase is easy to process, even cold, it is oil and water compatible and can impart a slight browning effect in formulations. The powders can absorb more than 100% of their weight in oil.

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Take advantage of the protective advantages of lignin for cosmetics