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For a striking appearance

PLATALUX pigments show an intensive glitter effect and extraordinary brilliance in a distinct champagne colour tone. PLATALUX gives mass-dyed plastic parts a touch of luxury. Target markets for PLATALUX are cosmetics packaging and all types of high-quality packaging, sports and leisure articles, artificial leather etc.

Sparkling elegance in exclusive high gloss

PLATALUX’s exceptional sparkle and elegant champagne shade make it ideal for use in premium applications such as cosmetics packaging, consumer and luxury goods, imitation leather applications, fashion items, and lifestyle products.

The secret of PLATALUX lies in its silver-coated glass substrate. It helps to create spellbinding colour effects that really come into their own in transparent plastics such as polyester or transparent polypropylene (PP).

The pigment is compatible with all standard plastics and technical plastics, such as PET, PS/SAN, PC/ABS, and PA. Its excellent opacity and high temperature stability up to more than 300°C make PLATALUX truly unique.

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Luxurious Sparkle for Decorative Plastics

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