„Our innovative range of aluminum pigments for aqueous systems enables applications with a broad array of visual effects.”

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Quantum leap forward for aqueous systems: the HYDROLAN silver metallic pigments

The future belongs to aqueous paint systems, as they enable companies to develop environmentally compatible coating concepts. With our STAPA® HYDROLAN pigment innovations and numerous other product lines for aqueous systems, such as STAPA® HYDROXAL, HYDROMIC, HYDROLUX, HFG, HYDRO PELLETS, and HYDROSHINE, we are leading the way in the development of aqueous silver metallic pigments.

These concentrates, pastes, and dispersions, as well as our pellets based on coated or encapsulated aluminum, excel with outstanding visual properties. In addition, they feature excellent gassing and storage stability.

Our newly developed STAPA® IL HYDROLANplus pigments provide a specialist solution for challenging aqueous systems. The aluminum particles are encapsulated in transparent, very compact silicate and organically modified, making these products extremely stable.

Our aqueous pigment concentrates of SHINEDECOR are a true milestone: They are particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are suitable for wall paints and other interior applications, for example.

Unique freedom when formulating for aqueous systems! This is how you can achieve your desired metallic effect.

What a range! Our HYDROSHINE dispersions based on stabilized PVD pigments enable a wide variety of structureless effects – from light gloss to dark metallic color tones. HYDROSHINE creates unique chrome effects and color intensity. And even more importantly, the pigments are free of heavy metals and extremely stable.

Sophisticated portfolio of aluminum pigments for waterborne automotive coatings

Interview with Dr. Andrea Fetz

It’s not only car bodies that need paint – there are also the rims and wheel caps, and even on the inside there are a large number of silver-coated parts such as door handles and decorative elements in the cockpit or on the dashboard …



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