ALUDUR - aluminium based effect
pigment pellets

Brilliantly versatile!

Easily dispersible, dust-free dosing

The easy-to-process pellet shape of ALUDUR metallic pigments makes them a popular product - both in the industrial coating and printing sectors: When used, the pellets can be easily and completely poured out of their packaging drum.

Safe - even above the clouds

ALUDUR pellets are not dangerous goods and therefore ideally suited for air freight.

Our customers appreciate the high pigment content of the pellets of 95 % and the high storage stability of ALUDUR. The solvent-containing ALUDUR pellets are based on non-leafing, silver cornflakes.

Their broad compatibility ensures that the ALUDUR pellets can be used for numerous areas of application: in the industrial coatings sector for can coatings applications, in the printing industry for flexo, gravure and screen printing, among others.

Our brochure with extensive details on ALUDUR

Metal and Effect Pigments for Coatings

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