Our spherical aluminum granules are suitable as filler materials in thermal interface materials. Make your adhesives, pads or resins thermally conductive for your desired application! Systems filled with our CoolSpheric filler materials provide a thermal conductivity that is up to 10 times higher than the conductivity of the non-filled organic material.

How CoolSpheric fillers cool materials:
The spherical shape of the aluminum granules results in a 3D thermal conductivity. Moreover, thanks to their spherical shape, high filler concentrations are possible without impeding the viscosity of the organic formulation. CoolSpheric granules are available in four different particle sizes to suit different applications. Due to their spherical shape they feature isotropic thermal conductivity.

Determination of thermal conductivity:
The thermal conductivity was determined using the thermal Hot Bridge Test method (in accordance with DIN EN 993-14, 15). For that purpose organic test samples filled with different volume concentrations of CoolSpheric fillers were prepared and analyzed. The results show that the obtained thermal conductivities range from 2.5 to 3.0 W/mK, depending on the particle size and the volume concentration of our filler materials in the organic matrix.

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Conductive Filler Materials

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