Color intensity that catches the eye

EDELSTEIN pearlescent pigments not only fascinate with their sparkle and brilliant luster, but also with their extraordinary durability. The success factors: extremely careful product development, selected premium layer silicates and innovative coating technologies.

The first choice for many surfaces

The pearlescent pigments not only cut a good figure in the coating sector. In the plastics sector, they are particularly impressive in household appliances and consumer electronics. EDELSTEIN also shows strong color results in printing.

EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue

EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue is the world's first pearlescent pigment with a deep, highly chromatic blue color - from any viewing angle. Previous effect pigments fade to white at shallow viewing angles, while this pigment retains its ultra-deep color from any perspective. Its unique light-dark flop and strong opacity make it the first choice when you're looking for high-chromatic blue effect pigments in darker formulations.


EDELSTEIN Ruby Red gives an extraordinary look - thanks to its intense, highly chromatic red combined with strong sparkle and shine. This striking red of EDELSTEIN Ruby Red opens up new possibilities for individual product design - especially for high-end coatings.

EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange

EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange displays the highest chroma in the orange color space currently available worldwide. Depending on the viewing angle, EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange shines in a fresh, impulsive orange with a metallic undertone or displays a rounded, gently sparkling pearl luster. The refreshing look offers scope for surprising and even extravagant stylings that are guaranteed to catch the eye.

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne

EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne provides unique optical appearance: The pigment shows a very refined champagne shade and emits a silver-white shimmer or a warm, mellow orange colouring based on the viewig angle. With this look, the synthetic pearlescent pigment adds immediate emotional impact to numerous finishes in high-end coatings, packaging, household appliances, toys, decorative objects and many other applications.


  1. EDELSTEIN Ruby Red
  2. EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange
  3. EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne
  4. EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue

EDELSTEIN CFX meets highest demands

In applications with highest requirements in terms of resistance and stability, we recommend EDELSTEIN CFX, our specially developed EDELSTEIN variant.

EDELSTEIN CFX comes along with additional functional advantages, such as excellent weather and humidity resistance, outstanding intercoat adhesion as well as ideal optical performance - also with pneumatic and electrostatic application techniques.

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Chromatic Synthetic Pearlescent Pigments

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