Solar reflectors in a class of their own

No more burnt soles on the terrace, heated seats, hot steering wheels and vehicle fittings! ENERGYSAFE pigments reflect incident high-energy solar radiation regardless of the substrate - and thus help to reduce radiation absorption. The high reflection yield over the entire radiation spectrum makes ENERGYSAFE a particularly efficient sunlight reflector. Surfaces of plastic articles with a high reflectivity remain much cooler in direct sunlight, tend to deform less - and therefore live longer.

Customized reflection

ENERGYSAFE® Granite pigments even exceed the reflective properties of titanium dioxide. This makes them ideal for applications that require a very special NIR reflection.

With the pigments of the ENERGYSAFE family, countless color variations can be achieved. This freedom in colour design opens up numerous areas of application for

cooling surfaces - for example in the construction industry: roof tiles, shingles, multi-skin sheets, to name but a few.

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