Functionality paired with pure emotion

The shiny HYDROSHINE chrome-like effects really pack a punch – pairing functionality with pure emotion. Their special encapsulation gives the PVD aluminium pigments for aqueous systems chemical and gassing stability.

Get durable product surfaces with HYDROSHINE

Thanks to HYDROSHINE, even surfaces that are handled frequently look as good as new – whether they are on consumer electronics, plastics, car parts, or decorative items. The effect pigments are excellent at withstanding chemical effects, are resistant to gassing and hydrolysis, demonstrate high interlayer adhesion, and are extremely shear-stable.

The HYDROSHINE pigments are as varied as the requirements they cater for – ECKART uses a range of technologies that enable it to cater to every customer requirement relating to gassing stability, condensation resistance, and visual appearance.

The high-gloss appearance is offered in a variety of light and dark tones, with colour shades ranging from a very pale, silvery-white hue to an extremely dark variant based on SiO2 encapsulation.

Our brochure with extensive details on HYDROSHINE

Aluminium Pigments with Chrome-Like Effect

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