Offset printer's favourite!
There is a great deal of pride in this: METALSTAR is one of our customer favourites. This does not surprise us - after all, the established brand of metallic printing inks has been delighting customers for years with its highly stable print results, metallic brilliance and strong opacity.

Metallic effects for conventional offset printing

Behind the traditional METALSTAR brand are metallic printing inks based on leafing and non-leafing gold and aluminium pigments. METALSTAR is available in numerous variants: as a standard metallic effect or with super gloss, wax- or mineral oil-free, as a low migration variant, in silver or in various high-gloss gold shades.

Would you like a little more? Would you like a standard metallic effect for your sheet-fed offset printing? Or would you like a highly brilliant supergloss? The wax-free or mineral oil-free version?

Do you attach importance to maximum opacity? Do you need a low-migration ink? Choose your tailor-made favourite in metallic silver or in various high-gloss gold shades!

High-quality, long shelf life, low-migration:

discover our special METALSTAR FPG 712 series!

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