Get ready for a new dimension in leafing pigments! Our three new VMP-based dispersions are designed for UV/LED-curing flexo, offset and screen printing applications.

They enable impressive silver effects on food packaging. The dispersions are perfect for formulating stable, radical-curing one-component inks for board, paper, films and tube laminates.

For bright silver effects, choose METALURE® UV FPG 22001, based on our long-proven METALURE® C-2. The bright silver is ideal for replacing metallized board. Overprinting with process colors results in intense polychromatic effects and extremely clear metallic colors.

For highest brilliance: METALURE® UV FPG 42001. It is based on our top seller METALURE® A-4.

For chrome-like effects, we recommend METALURE® Quantum UV FPG 51501, which is currently the darkest shade that can be achieved with VMP pigments.


  1. METALURE® UV FPG 22001
  2. METALURE® UV FPG 42001
  3. METALURE® UV FPG 51501



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