MIRAGE pearlescent pigments: essential for sparkling moments

All MIRAGE effect pigments are based on the purest borosilicate glass. They are characterized by eye-catching shine, excellent transparency and very pure colors that enable breathtaking effects and best performance. With their purity and low heavy metal content, they help comply with regulations worldwide. Their pleasant skin feel increases consumer preference.


Most of our MIRAGE pigments carry the V-Label, an international symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian products:

COSMOS Approval

MIRAGE pigments (except MIRAGE Dazzling) are COSMOS approved for use in cosmetic products:

Shimmer or sparkle? The particle size makes all the difference

The particle size is key to MIRAGE pearlescent pigments – a coarse MIRAGE pigment creates a distinctive sparkle, whereas a fine pigment creates a more subtle pearl luster. 

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Borosilicate pigments for glamorous effects in cosmetic applications

MIRAGE pearlescent pigments are free of microplastics. With their strong glitter effect, they can be used to replace PET-based glitter - even in liquid formulations!

The third dimension for cosmetic applications is calcium sodium borosilicate, which forms the basis for MIRAGE pearlescent pigments. Special coating and classification technologies create MIRAGE’s characteristic 3D depth effect.

The MIRAGE pigment range is perfectly suited to all types of colour cosmetics and personal care applications. The upper particle size limit is strictly controlled to ensure a pleasant sensation on the skin.

Our latest product from the MIRAGE series, MIRAGE Bright Luminous Red, combines attractive sparkle with pronounced color intensity.

This new effect pigment based on high-purity borosilicate embodies a very emotional red and allows the highest formulation freedom in this color space.

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