Bridge builder: Platinum Dollars
PLATINSTAR's platinum dollars bridge the gap between silver dollars and PVD pigments: Counter-printing creates dark mirror-like effects, while direct printing produces a highly brilliant appearance. Always with you: the extremely attractive price-performance ratio.

Winner in terms of opacity and reflection

No chance against PLATINSTAR! The special, non-leafing platinum dollar pigments are clearly superior to conventional aluminium pigments in terms of hiding power and mirror-like effect.

When things cannot go fast enough: In our experience, the higher the printing speed, the better the brilliance of PLATINSTAR! By the way: PLATINSTAR is very well overprintable. The most suitable substrate for PLATINSTAR inks? Transparent and opaque films, such as shrink films, self-adhesive labels, foil bags and other flexible packaging.

The abrasion resistance of PLATINSTAR proves to be excellent on most substrates. An overcoating is not required, it would only reduce the magnificent mirror-like effect. We recommend PLATINSTAR for a wide range of gravure and flexo printing applications; with appropriate tests it may even be suitable for applications with high regulatory requirements.

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