Nothing easier than POWDERSAFE®

The pelleted leafing aluminium pigment preparations of POWDERSAFE® can be processed easily and without great effort - they are simply mixed, extruded and ground with the other powder coating raw materials.

The result: extremely attractive silver metallic effects for your powder coating!

Practical, safe, efficient: POWDERSAFE®

The advantages of POWDERSAFE® are obvious: The practical pellet form is ideal for easy and safe incorporation into your powder coating.

By eliminating the need for additional work steps such as dry-blending or bonding and the low separation of metallic pigments during application and powder recovery, POWDERSAFE® guarantees a cost-efficient manufacturing method for metallic powder coatings.

In addition, the leafing POWDERSAFE® products score points with their excellent storage stability.

The pellets of POWDERSAFE® offer a wide range of choice for varied effects.

In addition to silver full tones, coloured metallic effects and iridescent shades can be achieved in combination with coloured pigments, which - depending on the angle of view and the incidence of light - always create a surprisingly different appearance.

The pigment preparations of POWDERSAFE® are also first choice for the popular antique/vintage and hammerblow effects.

Basically: If your application has higher demands on smudge resistance and durability, we recommend to overcoat with a suitable clear coat for a particularly long-lasting effect.

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Pigments and Pellets for the Direct Extrusion

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