Fascinating and beguiling
The shimmering colours of a rainbow are a source of fascination for cultures around the globe. PRISMASTAR printing inks use this effect to make your products look eye-catching from every angle.

Strikingly effective and brilliantly efficient

Special aluminium pigments from the well-known METALURE® range are used to produce PRISMASTAR printing inks. They create a one-of-a-kind effect on paper, cardboard, foil, self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, and folded boxes.

PRISMASTAR is available as a solvent-based single-component ink for gravure, flexographic, and screen printing, and it can be printed inline. The effect pigments achieve a classic, chrome-like metallic appearance that changes depending on light patterns and the viewing angle – creating a veritable metallic rainbow of colour.

This unique effect removes the need for laborious processes like embossing foil. PRISMASTAR UV is a radical hardening, solvent-free, and VOC-free UV flexographic printing ink that stands out due to its abrasion resistance and adhesion. Its rainbow effect is retained even when the product is colored with dyes.

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Rainbow Effects for UV Flexo Printing

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