Bring your printing application to a high gloss!
Whether you are looking for a bright silver or a sparkling gold tone for your printing application - with the compact ROTOSAFE pellets you will always be on the shiny side.

So simple, so safe, so versatile!

You can use the leafing and non-leafing silver dollar and cornflake pigments from ROTOSAFE easily and safely thanks to their dust-free delivery form as pellets or as dust-free powders. They are equally suitable for flexo, gravure or screen printing inks.

ROTOSAFE pellets: metallic effects for aqueous and solvent-based systems

The ROTOSAFE product portfolio covers everything: ROTOSAFE AQUA ND has specially been designed for water-based printing systems, while we recommend the pellets and dust-free powders of ROTOSAFE and ROTOSAFE ND for solvent-based processes.

Our brochure with extensive details on ROTOSAFE

Metallic and effect pigment portfolio for the printing industry

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