A stunning appearance for a special touch

Regal gold or cool silver? Everything is possible with our ROTOSTAR metallic printing inks.

Efficiency meets brilliance

ROTOSTAR printing inks cover a variety of different applications and can be easily coloured with dyes or overprinted. Using silver tones in the printed background makes an even greater number of attractive metallic effects possible.

ROTOSTAR Aqua provides a range of stable, single-component metal-effect paints that are water-based and suitable for flexographic and gravure printing. The Aqua range features outstanding printing and transfer properties and, as it only contains low levels of VOC, complies with the applicable regulations controlling air pollution.

The ROTOSTAR UV range is made up of stable and radiation-hardening single-component inks that stand out due to their sparkling metallic luster and stable running properties. For flexographic printing on shrink film, we particularly recommend ROTOSTAR UV FX 68. The ink achieves visual effects that until now were only possible with solvent-based gravure printing inks.

Our brochure with extensive details on the new ROTOSTAR UV 166 series

High Metallic Shine, Fast Drying, and One Step Ahead of the Regulatory Game

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