ROTOVARIO 550 FPG Silver Dollar Pastes for the Printing Industry

Ready for the future: 100 percent mineral oil-free, MOSH/MOAH-compliant

Already equipped for the future: The new ROTOVARIO FPG 550 series of new silver dollar pastes for flexo and gravure printing already meets the MOSH/MOAH regulations for 2025.

Using innovative technologies, our four new silver dollar pastes contain no mineral oil. They are 100 percent free of aromatic and aliphatic solvents. With their excellent adhesion, the pastes ensure bright, highly brilliant and opaque results in solvent-based gravure and flexographic printing applications.

Thanks to their FPG grade, they are suitable for food packaging. The non-leafing silver pastes are designed for cardboard (e.g. tobacco packaging) as well as for flexible paper- or film-based packaging. They can also be used for shrink sleeve applications and all types of labels.

ROTOVARIO FPG 550 series

  1. ROTOVARIO FPG 550 113 Silver
  2. ROTOVARIO FPG 550 913 Silver
  3. ROTOVARIO FPG 550 911 Silver
  4. ROTOVARIO FPG 550 902 Silver
  5. ROTOVARIO FPG 550 311 Silver



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