SILVERSHINE Ceramic White & Xenon White

Flawless white with noble silver shine and iridescent effects from silver white to metallic blue

Inspiration for trend formulations
Discover SILVERSHINE Ceramic White & Xenon White! These new effect pigments are based on high-quality silver dollars. A sophisticated combination of metallic white effects offers scope for more individuality - and lends new inspiration to the ongoing trend in the coatings industry towards white and gray shades.

Elegance at the highest level: SILVERSHINE Ceramic White is ideal for coatings that need to combine pure porcelain white with a subtle metallic shimmer.

With SILVERSHINE Xenon White, it depends on the light and the viewing angle whether it is the smooth, silvery-white effect or the metallic blue hue that comes out faster and stronger.

SILVERSHINE Ceramic White & Xenon White

  1. SILVERSHINE Ceramic White
  2. SILVERSHINE Xenon White