SILVERSHINE Platinum Grey & Titanium Grey

Finest aluminum pigments for smooth metallic finishes

„Our new, extremely fine aluminum pigments give a uniquely smooth, textureless look - and are right on trend.”

Marina Weitzer
Color Development

Get to know the finest silver dollars in the world today!

The absolutely structureless look of SILVERSHINE Platinum & Titanium Grey presents itself discreetly - and at the same time highly effectively. More in our brochure:

With their bluish undertone and their structureless appearance, these new silver dollars open up new dimensions for color design. When exposed to direct light, surprisingly prismatic effects appear time and again. SILVERSHINE Titanium Grey is slightly lighter in appearance than SILVERSHINE Platinum Grey.

SILVERSHINE Platinum Grey & Titanium Grey

  1. SILVERSHINE Platinum Grey
  2. SILVERSHINE Titanium Grey



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