STAY/STEEL® for double corrosion protection
Chemically, STAY/STEEL® stainless steel flakes prevent rust and aggressive ultraviolet radiation. The pigments are durable, hard and very abrasion resistant.

The non-leafing property of STAY/STEEL® pigments causes the flakes to form a multi-layer structure that is firmly bonded to the substrate.

With increasing service life, the binder of the coating evaporates - the stainless steel particles are exposed. They mechanically protect the remaining coating and the underlying carrier layer.

Functionality with good looks

The stainless steel flakes from STAY/STEEL® not only bring functional advantages: they also protect the end application from discoloration, clouding, oxidation - and give it a very attractive silver look!

Even a shiny sparkle effect can be achieved. No wonder that STAY/STEEL® is used in many areas, such as bridges, transmission towers, industrial plants and much more.

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Stainless steel flakes for high-quality corrosion protection:

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