SynAdd improves properties in coatings
and plastics

Easy-to-use additives, versatile application


Fine-tuning of technical properties

SynAdd improves a number of product properties. It helps increase abrasion resistance and prevents or minimizes microcracking. For coatings and plastics, the synthetic additive is also recommended as non-stick agent and even as thickener.

Extremely impressive esthetic effects.

As a matting aid, SynAdd is suited to create intriguing optical effects. Thanks to its high transparency and extreme color purity it can be used to achieve matt, frosted or frosted glass looks.

SynAdd is available in two particle sizes, providing outstanding adhesion properties. Both powders score with their uniform and narrow particle size distribution. They incorporate equally well into water-borne and solvent-borne systems. In coatings, SynAdd is mainly used in low solid and low low solid systems.

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