Perfect appearance, perfect performance

SYNAFIL is ECKART's umbrella brand for cosmetic fillers which have a positive effect on the texture, skin feel and coverage of beauty and care products.

On their own or in combination with other ECKART effect pigments - SYNAFIL fillers give the skin a perfect visual appearance and can improve the absorption of make-up.

SYNAFIL fillers can be used in all cosmetic applications: from creams and lotions, to foundations and color cosmetics: pressed and loose eye shadows, powders, blushes and all kinds of lip products.

From colour purity to glitter effect: SYNAFIL S & W

Outstanding color purity plus ideal light reflection with SYNAFIL S: The fillers of the SYNAFIL S series are based on synthetic fluorophlogopite. They are characterized by their very pure, white color and remarkably low heavy metal content. Due to the narrow particle size distribution and light-reflecting properties, SYNAFIL S fillers can help reduce skin imperfections or small wrinkles.

SYNAFIL S fillers are used to add transparency and improved performance to formulations - while maintaining the pearlescent effect. SYNAFIL S fillers can also be used to replace talc.

SYNAFIL W is our wax-based polypropylene-based filler. SYNAFIL W is ideally suited to enhance striking glitter effects in specially coordinated colour cosmetic applications such as creamy and pressed eyeshadows, powders and nail varnishes. In foundations, powder formulations and creams SYNAFIL W is popular as a matting agent. This wax-based filler is also used to support foamy textures.

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