New, carmine-free and colour-intensive red effect pigment for cosmetics

The colour garnet red inspires love, passion and loyalty:

With SYNCRYSTAL Garnet, ECKART presents a highly chromatic effect pigment for cosmetics. The bright, red colour reminds of a garnet gemstone.

SYNCRYSTAL Garnet is ideal for many different cosmetic formulations that require a versatile red pigment with an attractive price-performance ratio - as well as excellent brilliance and hiding power.

ECKART's innovative production technologies ensure the impressive chroma and the pronounced pearlescent effect of SYNCRYSTAL Garnet.

Compared to other red effect pigments, SYNCRYSTAL Garnet is characterised by a bluish undertone. This makes it the perfect starting pigment for creating a wide range of violet shades in combination with other effect pigments.

Like all effect pigments in the SYNCRYSTAL product range, SYNCRYSTAL Garnet is based on very pure, synthetic fluorophlogopite flakes.

They provide an excellent skin feel and very high colour purity - especially compared to natural mica-based pigments.

SYNCRYSTAL Garnet complies with European cosmetic regulations and US government regulations under 21 CFR for all intended cosmetic uses. It is also listed with the NMPA. 

SYNCRYSTAL Garnet is carmine-free and suitable for the eye area.

We have developed various formulations for you that demonstrate the intense, deep red colour and impressive opacity of SYNCRYSTAL Garnet.

Other formulations show how flexibly SYNCRYSTAL Garnet can be used to create fresh and attractive colours and effects. 

Ready-made formulations with SYNCRYSTAL Garnet - ready for immediate use! Get in touch with us:

At a glance: SYNCRYSTAL red effects

SYNCRYSTAL Garnet is our latest addition to our portfolio of red effect pigments.
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