De-Inking of ECKART printing inks

Our metallic inks: efficient in printing, impressive on packaging, easy to de-ink

ECKART metallic printing inks

Ideal partners for the circular economy

The circular economy is the declared goal for sustainable, resource-conserving handling of packaging and other consumer goods. All materials should be recycled as far as possible. Fibers for new high-quality papers can be recovered from papers and packaging materials by means of deinking processes.


Tests according to INGEDE Method 11 prove: Prints with metallic pigments are perfectly suited for de-inking.

The substrates can be recycled as raw materials for paper production.

Metallic printing inks and their advantages in recycling.

Oil-based and solvent-based systems for newspapers, flyers and catalogs, for example, as well as dry toners such as those used in office printers and copiers, have proven to be particularly suitable for the de-inking process. Especially compared to metallized film products, metallic printing inks offer numerous positive properties with regard to recyclability:

• Selective surface printing
• deinkability in the recycling process
• low waste
• Inline process: Creation of effects with existing machine set-up
• Standard CMYK colors possible
• impressive color space - extremely dark to extremely bright
• wide-ranging effects space - smooth to mirror-like effects
• almost infinite design possibilities (effect gradient and selective transparency)

Did you know..,

...that printed effects are the best choice for optimally combining appearance, visual appeal and environmental protection? Our video interview with sappi shows how the balancing act succeeds:



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