One for all

One system fits all: the STAPA® 15 ZnMg 26 zinc-magnesium alloy equally protects mixed-metal
structures such as combinations of steel and aluminum from the 3000 and 5000 series.

The recipe for success of STAPA® 15 ZnMg26 lies in the special alloy: The alloyed metal components zinc and magnesium offer an electrochemical potential close to that of pure magnesium. It thus creates the framework conditions for sacrificial corrosion protection on selected aluminum alloys. Due to the small difference in electrochemical potential, pure zinc is not suitable for corrosion protection of such materials.

The additional advantage of STAPA® 15 ZnMg26 is its platelet shape. It leads to an additional barrier effect due to the longer diffusion paths. The product is supplied as a paste, it is dust-free and easier to handle than pyrophoric magnesium pigments. Compared to pure zinc, this special zinc-magnesium alloy offers a low density.


„STAPA® 15 ZnMg26 - simply unbeatable when it comes to protecting multimetal structures in the best possible way!”

Dr. Ulrich Schmidt
Global Head of Functional Applications



Sales Manager

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