It´s NOT plastic, that´s fantastic!

Effect pigments ensure plastic-free glitter

Microplastic-free sparkle effects

The use of microplastics in cosmetics, sunscreens and personal care products has been banned in the EU since October 2023. It's commendable that ECKART has long offered tried-and-tested, naturally plastic-free effect pigments as the ideal replacements for conventional glitter, thus protecting the environment!

Our formulations with SYNCRYSTAL and MIRAGE pigments demonstrate that achieving glitter and shimmer effects doesn't require plastic particles! ECKART's effect pigments and other functional ingredients not only provide the necessary texture and consistency for cosmetics but also do so without any negative environmental impact.

We have prepared six selected formulations for you. Discover the complete set of guide formulations from our concept "It's NOT plastic, that's fantastic!"


"Life is better in pink!":
BiBaBerry Lipstick NUMBER ONE

Sooo pink! Awesome violet-pink sparkle lipstick thanks to MIRAGE Glamour Red and SYNCRYSTAL Blue

...starring GARAMITE 7308-XR for anti-settling properties and enhanced spreadability!

"Every night is girl's night":
Sparkle nail polish PINK JELLY

This nail polish uses MIRAGE Twinkling Red, adding a touch of glamour without compromising one’s values.

The second formula of our "It's not plastic, that's fantastic" concept is a genuine replacement of conventional glitter.

Let's go party":
3D strobing gloss GLAMOUROUS LIPS

This lip gloss boasts 3D effects, thanks to MIRAGE Glamour Red & Glamour Blue, and SYNCRYSTAL Gold.

Lips will shine with captivating vibrancy, lending a playful and charming spirit.

Get to know more cosmetics formulations of this concept:

Bachelorette Blush

Glossy Lip Color


Lip Shine

Spring Break

Lip Gloss

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