Low-migration packaging: brilliant appearance for food

Low-migration pastes, inks and pigments for food packaging and plastics


„Our low-migration pigments, pastes, and inks enable unique gold, silver, and lustrous effects on packaging that has indirect contact with food.”

Projektmanager – Process Maintenance

ECKART's special applications for the food sector enable pure enjoyment. The new low-migration STAPA® WM SILVER FPG effect pigments can even be used to color plastics that come into direct contact with food. They meet the respective requirements of the EU and the FDA as well as the Chinese regulations for plastics that have contact with food.

By the way: FPG stands for food packaging grade; we use this abbreviation to identify our low-migration pigments and inks for direct and indirect contact with food. Our three new low-migration STAPA® WM SILVER FPG effect pigments enable different silver shades for plastics.

Innovative production process complies with stringent requirements

We produce our low-migration pastes and inks for printing applications in the field of food packaging on a separate product line – away from all other products. This completely eliminates the possibility of cross contamination and means we can guarantee maximum safety.

Although pigments and printing inks for food packaging only come into contact with food indirectly, they still have to adhere to stringent requirements. Our innovative, specially developed wet milling process does not involve any white spirit because we use alcohol as a solvent instead.

As a result, our low-migration gold and silver printing inks are completely free of substances that are harmful to health. They are suitable for all standard printing processes, including offset, flexographic, and gravure printing, and can be used on all kinds of materials, including paper, metal, and in-mold applications. They comply with the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles as well as the requirements of the European Printing Industry Association (EuPIA). Our production processes are based on the principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP). Our new low-migration pigments and colors are specially marked: The abbreviation FPG stands for Food Packaging Grade and meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

Low-migration FPG products

Interview with Jürgen Harenz, Production Manager at ECKART.

Jürgen Harenz is an application specialist for the printing industry. He was involved in developing the production process for low-migration FPG products at ECKART. Today he is responsible for process maintenance for the production of printing inks for food packaging.



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