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  • January 2024

    Lip Gloss - "Sun Kissed Fuzzy Peach"

    February 2024

    Lip Gloss "MIRAGE Glamour Space Silver"

    March 2024

    Wonderful Lip Gloss - "Hibiscus Tonic" 

    April 2024 

    Eye & Cheek Color - "Music Lover"

    May 2024

    Bronzer Cream - "Bali Beach"

  • Color Match Fuzzy Peach

    Lip Gloss - "Sun Kissed Fuzzy Peach"

    Color Match Fuzzy Peach

    Eye Liner - "Peach Sand"

    Color Match Fuzzy Peach

    Metallic Mousse Eye Shadow - "Pantry Peach"

    Color Match Fuzzy Peach

    Nail Polish - "Peach Fuzz"

    Color Match Fuzzy Peach

    Pressed Eye Shadow - "Peachy Lids"

  • February 2023

    Good Night relaxing Cream

    April 2023

    "Twinkling Gold Galaxy"

    May 2023

    Skin Lightening Cream - "Soft Ivory"

    June 2023

    High Gloss Lipstick - "Twinkling Red Berry Tales"

    July 2023

    Honey Glow Powder - "Rays Of Sunshine"

    August 2023

    "Twinkling Red Kiss Bliss" - Lip Gloss

  • Color Match Viva Magenta

    "Captivating `Viva Magenta´lip Gloss"

    Color Match Viva Magenta

    "Stupendous Ruby Red" Lip & Cheeck Stick

    Color Match Viva Magenta

    ´Viva Magenta´Nail Polish

  • January 2022 

    Highlighter Fluid - "pearly Dune"

    February 2022

    Loose Powder Foundation - "Beige Rose"

    March 2022 

    Mousse Eye Shadow - "Go Go Go Green" and "Big City Life"

    April 2022

    Dry Oil Luminizing Drops - "SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal"

    May 2022

    Natural SLS-Free Shampoo - "Summer Meadow"

    June 2022

    Natural Après Sun Lotion - "Solar Skin"

    July 2022

    Color Gloss - "Roar It Out"

    August 2022

    Lip2Cheek Stick - "Groovy Scarlet"

    September 2022

    Pink Tracksuit and Purple Rhinestone

    October 2022

    Natural w/o lotion "Rich & Glowy"

  • Color Match Very Peri

    Nail Polish - "Energetic Very Peri Nail Polish"

    Color Match Very Peri

    Creamy Eye Shadow - "3D Very Peri Creamy Eye Shadow"

    Color Match Very Peri

    Lip Gloss - "Vibrant Very Peri Lip Gloss"

  • January 2021

    Body Shimmer Butter - "almond Touch"

    February 2021

    Silky Lipstick - "Dark Azaela"

    March 2021

    Pressed Eye Shadow Double - "Illuminating & Ultimate Gray"

    April 2021

    After Sun Body Mist - "Piña loves Aloe"

    May 2021

    Luminizing Oil Drops - "Sugar Sugar Lilac"

    June 2021

    Hilighting Fluid - "It´s Glow Time"

    July 2021

    Weightless Highlighter Stick - "Ivory Dream"

    August 2021

    Pore Refining Clay Mask - "GELWHITE-H XR" Skin Care

    September 2021

    Lip Gloss "MIRAGE Bright Luminous Red - 2,5%"

    December 2021

    Day Cream with a Glow - D5 Free

  • January 2020

    Lip Cream - "Country Peaches"

    February 2020

    DRAPING - "Fresh Glow Luminizer"

    March 2020

    PREP & Pearl - "Face Primer Mousse"

    April 2020

    Chameleon Effect Lip Gloss - "never ending"

    May 2020

    Liquid Eye Shadow - "Soft Autumn Gold"

    June 2020

    Liquid Highlighter - "Star of the Show"

    July 2020

    Silky Finish Bronzer - "Girls just want to have Sun"

    August 2020

    Compact Eye Shadow - "Reindeer Sleigh Ride"

    September 2020

    Talc Free - Metallic Pressed Eye Shadow

    November 2020

    Smokey Eye Wheel - "Are you REDDY"

    December 2020

    Body Shimmer Mist - "Rays Of Sunshine"



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