LUXAN CFX B842 Immersion Red


UXAN CFX is the specially encapsulated, weather and condensation water resistant version of the LUXAN pearlescent pigments based on borosilicate. These pigments captivate with their interesting depth effect and an impressive sparkle. With its high shear stability and intercoat adhesion, LUXAN CFX is recommended for automotive and industrial coatings and is equally suitable for all systems.

Market Plastics Printing Industry Coatings
More Information
Product preparation Powder
Pigment type Pearlescent Pigment
Color shade Pearl Red
Pigment base Borosilicate
Shelf life 121 month(s)
Particle size distribution D10 (µm) 5 - 15
Particle size distribution D50 (µm) 14 - 24
Particle size distribution D90 (µm) 28 - 38
Art. No./Article name Safety Datasheet Technical Datasheet
Art. No./Article name
027919ML0 LUXAN CFX B842 Immersion Red
Safety Datasheet
Technical Datasheet
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