Great print finishing versus solid sustainability

How to master the balancing act

ECKART  as a guest in Sappi's "Blue Couch" video series
Sappi's Blue Couch series covers topics from the packaging industry in interviews. ECKART was invited as a specialist on the topic of "High-quality print finishing versus environmental sustainability".

Metallic finishes and silky pearlescent effects are indispensable for marketing many products and are used especially in packaging design.

Film- and thus plastic-free solutions as well as recyclability, de-inking and compostability play a major role. How can packaging be effectively staged using metallic inks and pearlescent pigments - while taking costs and environmental aspects into account?

Christoph Sontheimer, Global Head of Business Development, ECKART, and Lars Scheidweiler, Head of Packaging Solutions at Sappi Europe, present solutions in this video interview.



„Printed effects are the most efficient way to balance looks, costs and sustainability, especially compared to other methods of finishing.”

Christoph Sontheimer
Global Head Business Development ECKART

This "Blue Couch" interview was realized as part of the "METALL INK" project. Sustainability, cost efficiency and high finishing quality are to be optimally harmonized. This can best be achieved with metallic printing inks and pearlescent effects, as demonstrated by a number of reference projects.

METALL INK is a cooperation between the effect pigment and printing ink manufacturer ECKART, the packaging and paper specialist SAPPI and the printing and finishing company GT/Trendhouse 42.

Learn more about METALL INK, our reference projects and the manufacturing process of the noble, cost-effective and at the same time environmentally friendly print samples!


Unlocking the power of trees to make every day more sustainable. Sappi is a leading global provider of sustainable wood fibre products and solutions. In the field of packaging and special papers we offer a broad and innovative portfolio of premium virgin-fibre substrates. With years of experience, we supply some of the most renowned and valued brands for their high-finish premium packaging. In cosmetics, perfume, health- and beauty care, confectionery, luxury drinks, fashion, food and more..

About GT/Trendhouse 42

The GT/Trendhouse 42 printing and finishing company, headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, specialises in print projects that showcase a product or brand to its most impressive advantage. In addition to transfer finishing, varnishing and embossing papers, the company also supplies bookbinding technology. Some 70 employees currently work at locations in Gelsenkirchen and Alsdorf near Aachen.

If you want to learn more about the Metall Ink project, please contact our experts.



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