SYNCRYSTAL Garnet: Carmine-Free, High-Chroma Red Effect Pigment for Cosmetics

•   New High-Chroma Red with Bluish Undertone: Perfect for intense red shades and for creating violet shades when combined with other effect pigments.

•    Regulatory Compliance: Adheres to European and US cosmetic regulations, and is listed with the NMPA.

•    Carmine-Free and Eye-Safe: Suitable for use in the eye area and free from carmine, ensuring broad applicability in cosmetic products.

Hartenstein, July 8, 2024 – The effect pigment manufacturer ECKART is presenting SYNCRYSTAL Garnet, a carmine-free and highly chromatic red effect pigment designed specifically for the cosmetics industry. 

Inspired by the color of a garnet gemstone, SYNCRYSTAL Garnet stands out in the market with its brilliant, red color and bluish undertone, making it the ideal choice for a wide array of cosmetic formulations. This versatile pigment boasts exceptional brilliance and hiding power, along with an attractive price-performance ratio. Thanks to ECKART’s cutting-edge production technologies, SYNCRYSTAL Garnet delivers impressive chroma and a pronounced pearlescent effect that sets it apart from other red effect pigments. 

SYNCRYSTAL Garnet is based on synthetic fluorphlogopite flakes that offer an excellent skin feel and high color purity, superior to natural mica-based pigments.

ECKART has developed various formulations showcasing SYNCRYSTAL Garnet’s intense, deep red color and impressive opacity. “Our formulations demonstrate the pigment's flexibility in creating fresh and attractive colors and innovative effects,” says Paloma Moya del Valle, Global Head of Cosmetics at ECKART. 

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