NIR Silver

Pigments for NIR detection und automatic sorting

NIR Silver supports recycling processes

NIR Silver are pigments specially optimized for their detectability, which support the recyclability of plastics. At the same time, they offer impressive silver metallic effects - especially to the packaging industry. The novel pigments of the NIR Silver series are tailored to the needs of automatic sorting and are suitable for a wide range of polymers.

Read the latest article about NIR Silver in the trade journal "Kunststoffe International" now:

NIR Silver are tailor-made pigments for highly attractive, NIR-detectable silver shades.

The NIR sensors of automatic plastic sorting systems have difficulty detecting certain colorants such as conventional silver shades.

NIR Silver offers the optimal solution: Plastics colored with NIR Silver are detected by NIR sensors. NIR Silver reflects the specific wavelengths required to correctly identify the plastic.



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