A clean business: producing with powder coating pigments is more environmentally friendly and of higher quality.

Creative surface coatings with metallic and pearlescent effects.

Environmental compatibility brilliantly solved!Powder coatings offer excellent surface quality and very high material utilization with an application efficiency of up to 98 %; the effect pigments for powder coatings from ECKART contain no solvents and are extremely economical to use.

This is easy on nature and your spending - in a wide range of applications from household items to commodities and technology up to the facade application.

Powder coating pigments from ECKART. Durable. Resistant. Impressive.

Sustainably convincing: Find the ideal products for your needs.

We categorize our effect pigments for powder coatings into four degrees of resistance:


Good resistance with certain protection against corrosive chemicals. Can be used inside and partly outside.


Pigments with complete, stable coating of the surface and increased chemical stability.


Non-leafing aluminium and pearlescent pigments with extremely high chemical resistance.


New, fine non-leafing pigments with maximum chemical resitance. Our champion.



Special non-leafing aluminium pigments – for bonding quality without bonding


Pearlescent shine in gold, silver and copper: stunning looks, not only for façades

Powder coating zinc pigments for first-class corrosion protection: Discover ProFLAKE!

Remarkable: Service and security, made by ECKART.

So that you can work with powder coating pigments easily and efficiently, our experts will be at your disposal for any questions you may have. Here, our experts explain the safety aspects and the special bonding service for producing refined metallic and pearlescent effect powder coatings:

Bonding Service

Brilliantly combined: STARBONDING is the ideal way to produce high-quality metallic and pearlescent effect powder coatings. Here you can finid out how.

Safety Aspects

Despite the reduced security risk compared to conventional wet paint systems: safety first, for transport, storage and processing of powder coatings.

Our high performers with many areas of application. Discover our product variety.

  1. EDELSTEIN CFX Topaz Orange
  2. LUXAN CFX C842 Spotlight Red
  3. STANDART® PCR 212 Aluminum Powder
  4. STANDART® PCR 214 Aluminum Powder
  5. STANDART® PCR 801 Aluminum Powder
  6. STANDART® PCS 2000 Aluminum Powder
  7. STANDART® PCBF 5000


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Individual Advice & Service

Experience is strength. This also characterizes our customer service. For registered customers we always take the time for individual advice.