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You would like to introduce your own brand or expand your existing range? We offer you brilliant metallic pigment colors and functional lacquers or aerosols. You receive ready-made, labeled sprays and lacquers. Choose your area of application: from fast-drying decorative sprays or temperature-resistant thermal coatings to functional corrosion protection and special applications.

Our product range for your private label business consists of four product groups: aerosols and lacquers for corrosion protection, surface and protective lacquers, thermal lacquers and decorative sprays.

Our aerosols and paints for corrosion protection are suitable for priming untreated steel, but also as repair paints for professional touch-ups. The zinc flake formulations are weather-resistant, abrasion-resistant and spot-weldable. They can be used as coatings for garden furniture, railings and fences, but also roof cladding and chimneys.

All surface and protective coatings are based on our proven pigment formulations and offer brilliant gold, silver, copper and brass shades for interior and exterior applications on metal, wood, glass or plastic. You can also use them for technical applications; they dry quickly and are weather resistant, as well as impact and shock resistant.

ECKART's thermal coatings for stovepipes, exhaust systems, firing systems and the like can withstand temperatures of up to 500°C. On the one hand, there is a choice of systems based on silicone resin. They crosslink during baking and thus form a mechanically resistant protective layer. On the other hand, we offer aluminum formulations that are firmly bonded to the metal substrate by sintering.

Have you already chosen your favorite? The quick-drying deco sprays from our private label range are specially designed for indoor applications. They enable highly brilliant, mirror-like gold, silver and copper effects. Further color shades can be created with our metallic and pearlescent powders in combination with mixed lacquers. All deco sprays are only conditionally smudge and grip resistant.

All-round carefree package for private label customers

As Sales Manager for metallic pigment colors and protective coatings, Daniela Glück is responsible for the private label business at ECKART. The paint technician and the metal pigment paint team coordinate all the necessary business processes - from production and filling to delivery of the ready-made and labeled paints and sprays.



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