ProFLAKE Zn 2000 Zinc Powder


"Zinc flake pigments for the heavy duty sector

The morphology of ProFlake zinc flake pigments combines two advantages: Barrier effect plus galvanic protection, resulting in dual corrosion protection for heavy duty applications.  

ProFlake enables the formulation of corrosion protection primers with a pigment volume concentration of only 12.5%. Corrosion protection systems based on ProFlake meet the criteria of the new DIN EN ISO 12944- 6 corrosion category C5 very high."

Market Functional Applications
More Information
Product preparation Powder
Pigment type Cornflake Pigment
Color shade Anthracite
Pigment base Zinc
Shelf life 24 month(s)
Particle size distribution D50 (µm) 15 - 30
Art. No./Article name Safety Datasheet
Art. No./Article name
026143K60 ProFLAKE Zn 2000 Zinc Powder
Safety Datasheet
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