Cosmetics Trend Colors Autumn & Winter 2024/2025

Color Trends for Cosmetics

Autumn and Winter  2024 / 2025

The new trend theme "BEAUTIFUL DAYS" reflects the beauty of the two seasons autumn and winter in effective colors.
Surprising new color combinations present ideal partners for the "evergreen" green in the concept "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF"! The theme "BETTER TOGETHER" expresses in colors how precious is the time we spend with our loved ones.

Get inspired by our trend colors for autumn and winter 2024 / 2025!

Beautiful Days

Hello Autumn! Nice that you're back.

When the summer says goodbye, the days get shorter and the temperatures cooler, we slowly get in the mood for the cozy time of the year. Our trend color topic “BEAUTIFUL DAYS”, with the SYNCRYSTAL Supernova pigments, shows how wonderful autumn can be, with all its facets…

Make the most of every day no matter the weather. Like a simple umbrella can make a rainy day nicer, the eyeshadow gels with PURABYK-R 5510 in impressive violet and gold are the best good mood makers for this weather.

Enjoy going out into the nature and breathing fresh air, admiring the multifaceted season that shines in countless luminous colors.

The brilliant nail polishes in berry, marsala and red with SYNCRYSTAL, VISIONAIRE and SILVERDREAM are the most wonderful companions. And after a long walk with a wonderful sunset at the end, it’s time to relax at a cozy home. Because after every rain comes the sunshine.


  • Lip Crem: Plum Dahlia
  • Eye Shadow-Gels: Under my umbrella, Golden hours
  • Honey Glow Powder: Sun's rays
  • Liquid Liner: Autumn mood
  • Nail Polishes: Oh wow!, Wonderful sunset, Time for wine


...and you will be unstoppable.

Green is the color of hope, of harmony, stability, and liveliness. Green is calming and natural, an emotionally positive color. This is reflected in our new trend color theme.

"BELIEVE IN YOURSELF": be strong, think positive, stay true and be proud of yourself. The connection with our newcomer SYNCRYSTAL Soft Ivory achieves an optimal combination here.

Green tones, like sage, smaragd or olive, become a real eye-catcher thanks to the satiny nude colors of the nail polish, creamy eyeshadow and luminizer.

The TIXOGEL Mastergels are ideally suited for these waterless beauty applications: they are easy to disperse, improve application and have great anti-settling properties. And never forget: Do what makes you happy and follow your dreams!


  • Creamy Eye Shadow Triple: Stay strong, Dance more & Laugh loud
  • Luminizer: Good vibes only
  • Eye Wow Pen: I'm Powerful
  • Satiny Lipstick: Be happy
  • Nail Polishes: Don't worry! Keep the faith! Catch your dreams! Create miracles!


It's always better when we are together!

The most precious resource, greatest and most valuable gift you can give someone is: time. Take yours and share it with all your loved ones.

Spend and enjoy time together over a cup of coffee, make a short trip, or just give them a call! Create unforgettable moments together and time to remember.

Our trend concept "BETTER TOGETHER" consists of a great winter collection including our unique effect pigments SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal and the sparkling MIRAGE Holo Magic.

The SYNCRYSTAL Soft family is also well represented here. So, there is something for everyone, whether Nude or Glamour.

The stars of this theme are the compact eyeshadows with CLAYTONE-VP V XR which, thanks to their soft texture and stunning interference effects, create a lovely trio for a super eyeshadow look.

Another eye-catcher is the Lip + Highlighter Stick for cheeks, eyes, lips and everywhere, which completely fulfills smart beauty wishes.


  • Compact Eye Shadow: Collect moments
  • Compact Eye Shadow Duo: Enjoy the times & Make memories
  • Lip Gloss: Glisten & Glow
  • Lip & Highlighter Stick: Now & Forever
  • Nail Polishes: Coffee Date, Candlelight Night, Friendship Trip

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