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Sharp contrasts, maximum quality: LASERSAFE®

LASERSAFE® is a new generation of laser marking additives that deliberately dispenses with the use of heavy metals - without compromising on quality and performance: LASERSAFE® achieves strong contrasts, high writing speeds and outstanding marker quality - with all common marking lasers and even with plastics that are actually not ideally suited for laser marking. Due to the high efficiency of LASERSAFE®, only a very low dosage is required to achieve high marking contrasts. The color of the polymer is not affected - even with light colors.

Simple and safe with LASERSAFE®

LASERSAFE® is available as a granulate and can be processed just as easily as a color masterbatch. The product is not a hazardous material. The range of applications for laser marking is broad: LASERSAFE® additives are used in coded and individualized plastic packaging. The individual marking of sealing caps, e.g. for raffles, is very popular. Laser marking is also used for tracking and tracing of shipments.

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Environment-Friendly Laser Marking Pigment

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