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„Certain products quickly become the season’s big must-have items – ultra-cool shimmering designer sneakers, for example, or a purse with a breathtaking metallic effect.”


coatings and lifestyle expert

When clothes, accessories, and even furniture and sports products feature special lustrous effects that really make them stand out, they become lifestyle items and form part of a consumer’s personal branding. Metallic coatings based on ECKART effect pigments bring a touch of glamor and distinctive individuality to brand and lifestyle products – true to our belief that “pigments are personal”!

“Effect pigments serve as USPs for consumer products. Our customers use metallic coatings in a targeted way to create individual metallic and pearlescent effects on leather, textiles, glass, and plastics. With our diverse product range and our painting expertise, we can help you to market your trendy lifestyle products.”

An eye-catching metallic coating

Showcase your brand with our effect pigments

There are certain details that make a consumer product irresistible – an ethereal shimmer, for example, colorful glitter, or the functional properties of the coatings. These details create highly sought-after lifestyle products – trendy clothing, irresistible accessories, or ultra-cool sports items. Our effect pigments enable unique metallic, glitter, color, and lustrous effects. They offer an extraordinary variety of design options that will turn a metallic coating into a real eye-catcher. As a result,

you can showcase the characteristics of your brand to the best effect for every target group! Our effect pigments – for example, those in the METALURE®, SILVERSHINE, and STAPA® series – are designed for solvent-based or water-based systems and are suitable for a range of different surfaces. They can be used to coat leather, textiles, and plastics. Our dispersions with the HYDROSHINE PVD effect pigments are suitable for the increasingly popular option of one-coat finishes.

„In addition, our aluminum-based effect pigments support functional properties such as UV protection and conductivity in textiles.”


coatings and lifestyle expert

ECKART metallic pigments: a high-quality decision

Metallic coatings with our PVD effect pigments offer an attractive, high-quality alternative to conventional metallization processes. They create smooth surfaces with sparkling chrome effects, thanks to the perfect non-leafing properties of our pigments.

Specially designed for water-based metallic coatings: SHINEDECOR offers virtually inexhaustible potential when it comes to shades and effects for leather, wood, and wall paints, including in combination with organically pigmented tinting paints. The options range from subtle and elegant to intense glitter. And as an extra benefit, the concentrates are easy to work with.

The particularly fine SILVERSHINE pigments offer excellent opacity, thus enabling beautifully elegant silver metallic coatings for products in the field of consumer electronics, for instance.

Interested? These effect pigments turn lifestyle products into something very special: