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Intense chromatic colours with maximum chromatic shine

METALURE® Chrome not only clearly outperforms combinations of VMP pigments with organic coloured pigments in terms of flop behaviour, but also achieves at least twice as high gloss values - as the graph below proves.

Comparison of gloss values

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The visual advantages of METALURE® Chrome compared to conventionally coloured VMPs are due to a sophisticated combination of surface treatments and colouring steps. The colour pigments used have been carefully designed to ensure that they are perfectly matched to our vacuum-metallised pigments and guarantee maximum brilliance and colour intensity.

METALURE® Chrome offers paint and printing ink manufacturers the greatest possible freedom in the realisation of individual colour shades: The combination of two or even more METALURE® Chrome dispersions offers extensive scope for design. Our colour fan on the right shows only a small selection of possible colour shade elaborations.

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Technical information

Technical information, packaging sizes, solvents and further details can be found in our brochure:


METALURE® Chrome products in detail