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A little water is enough? No way!

Daily cosmetic care keeps facial skin younger and gives a fresh, radiant appearance.

Whether dry skin, impure skin or combination skin: ECKART offers ready-to-use, microplastic-free formulations of individual facial cleansers. They contain SYNCRYSTAL and MIRAGE pearlescent pigments along with the well-known PURABYK-R 5510 thickener.

At ECKART you are in the right place when it comes to microplastic-free cosmetic formulations! We have been dealing with this topic for years and therefore offer a wide range of PET-free alternatives to glitter. Thus, we not only take into account the protection of our environment, but also the regulations: As of October 17, 2023, microplastic glitter is banned in the EU. How convenient that you can get attractive and proven alternatives at ECKART!

„ Gentle and thorough facial cleansing is important to rid the skin of stressors and prepare it ideally for subsequent care”
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Julia Barbin, Cosmetics

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Natural Face Cleanser: PEARL & CALM

This creamy o/w emulsion removes make-up and sunscreen in a very gentle way. It is formulated for sensitive skin. Just apply it on wet skin, treat your skin to a massage and remove everything with a wet towel. Suitable for morning and evening routine.

MIRAGE Silver supports the white appearance and gives the formulation a glowy touch. PURABYK-R 5510 stabilizes the emulsion and supports a non-tacky texture. Both are COSMOS approved and free from micro plastic.

Get your free formulation:

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Cleansing Stick: MATCHA SPA

This solid cleansing formulation is a portable spa - perfect for travel and on the go. It is suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry skin.

SYNCRYSTAL Gold and SYNCRYSTAL Green in combination support the “matcha” appearance with a warm green shimmer.

Download the formulation here:

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Gel Cleanser: DEEP BLUE

A classic gel cleanser that boasts foaming properties and that is suitable for oily skin. DEEP BLUE is formulated with SLS-free surfactants.

SYNCRYSTAL Blue provides an intense blue shimmer. PURABYK-R 5510 thickens the SLS-free surfactants and stabilizes the effect pigments. Furthermore, it is COSMOS approved.

Take a look at the formulation:


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