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Captivating sparkle effects direct the eye into the depths

Discover the Diving Effect! The mystical silver of LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver transitions smoothly into a deep, dark down flop. The interaction of this ultra-deep sparkle with a light source reveals a mysterious 3D depth effect.

„LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver is our sparkle booster for all silver-gray stylings - and ideal for formulating metallic effects with high radar transparency.”
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Thomas Schneider

Head of Automotive Coatings - Product Evaluation

LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver features high radar transparency - ideal for autonomous driving:

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LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver can be easily mixed with other pigments - especially from our autonomous driving product range SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver. This allows flexible adjustment of radar transparency and offers a significantly expanded range of designs.

LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver combines the metallic optical properties of aluminum pigments with the functional advantage of a high radar transparency.

This unique combination allows LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver to add sparkling silver highlights to various stylings, such as silver gray, black or silver metallic formulations. Even a small amount is enough to add attractive sparkle to base shades.

In combination with aluminium effect pigments, this pigment is particularly suitable for applications where a high radar transparency is desired.

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