„Metallic finishes and autonomous driving - it works! With these new pigments, your paints are ideally prepared for the future of transportation.”

Annika Mergner
Manager Automotive Coatings

This technology places special demands on the painting of attachments and the pigments used for them. Conventional metal pigments absorb or reflect radar rays and thus dampen the radar radiation above certain pigment concentrations.

It was therefore long assumed that the established full silver tones would no longer be feasible for autonomous vehicles due to their comparatively high pigmentation with metal pigments.

ECKART is the first effect pigment manufacturer worldwide to present a product solution.

Ideal partners for radar transparency

The combination of selected ECKART metallic pigments with the innovative pigments of SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver & LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver achieves highly attractive silver shades with low radar damping.

NEW: Discover our novelty LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver - the sparkle booster for autonomous driving!

The advantages of SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver & LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver at a glance:


  • No EMI shielding or radar damping
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Optimal incorporation into common coating systems (solvent, water-based, UV-curing)
  • High shear stability
  • Excellent weather and condensation resistance
  • Excellent interlayer adhesion
  • Very narrow grain band

Visual appearance

  • Highly brilliant metallic look
  • Outstanding flop index
  • Brightest and most brilliant optics on the market
  • Maximum flexibility in color design
  • Strong coverage
  • Long product shelf life of 10 years

NEW: SYMIC OEM Superfine Opaque Silver

Discover the finest of its kind: our latest addition to the SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver portfolio



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