HYDROLAN®: The successful combination of experience and innovation

Young in years, rich in expertise: HYDROLAN® is one of our most successful brands! With HYDROLAN®, ECKART has been a leader in the field of aluminium pigments for waterborne coatings for decades.

HYDROLAN® sets the market standards again and again. We are constantly expanding and converting this know-how - a wide range of variants offers a solution for every customer requirement.

Attractive metallic coating forms the basis for the perfect product presentation

An elegant silver shine creates desire, individuality and significantly determines the perceived value of a product.

 Pioneer in environmental protection

The market share of water-based systems has been rising sharply for years. With the HYDROLAN® effect pigments for waterborne coatings, ECKART has been at the forefront of this development from the very beginning. Since then, we have been constantly refining the performance and variety of this product family.

Read more about our portfolio of pigments for waterborne coating systems in our brochure:

There are three essential properties that characterize all aluminium pigments in the HYDROLAN® range: they are very shear-stable, gassing resistant and simply outstanding in quality.

ECKART tests the HYDROLAN® effect pigments by means of very strict quality controls and thus guarantees high batch consistency. We carry out our extensive product tests both on the pigment and on the application.

The numerous application possibilities, the various customer systems or new regulatory requirements constantly place new demands on our pigments.

Thanks to the high level of innovation, ECKART is able to respond quickly and easily to even very customer-specific requirements by specifically modifying the various HYDROLAN® product series.

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