Revised standard paves the way for sustainability and lower costs

The recent revision of DIN 12944 and also AMPP (formerly SSPC) with the new Paint 29 allows new, alternative corrosion protection paints and now offers more freedom in formulation.

The new ProFLAKE® Zn 3000 permits a significantly lower zinc content in the formulation - a key to more sustainable corrosion protection formulations, including a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to currently used corrosion protection paints. Lean production processes of ProFLAKE® Zn 3000 ensure an attractive price-performance ratio.

Double resistant: Corrosion protection with ProFLAKE®. Percolation between the zinc flakes and additional barrier formation provide ideal corrosion protection and offer a clear advantage over conventional zinc dust. Further technical advantages are the easy handling and application of coatings based on ProFLAKE® zinc flake pigments as well as their low settling behavior.


ProFLAKE® offers an ideal combination of barrier effect and galvanic protection - read more in our brochure:

C5 VH certificate

System fullfils DIN EN ISO 12944-6 corrosivity category C5, see paragraph 7 in the certificate.

CX certificate

System fullfils DIN EN ISO 12944-6 for corrosivity cat. CX for areas with heavy mechanical stress, see paragraph 7 in the certificate.

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